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Heather Stevenson, M.A.


"I was at a low point, feeling very overwhelmed. Heather’s class was like a bit of sun each week burning the cloud over my head. I truly felt lighter at the end of the class each week. Being in this state of mindfulness but relaxed has helped me address my kids in a more positive way." --Non-Punitive Discipline Class Participant

"Heather is a wonderful, non-judgmental listener, which is very important. She makes you feel like you could say anything and not be judged. I think feeling like you can be totally open is important in a class about parenting. She is also very organized and makes the information very clear, which helps since there’s SO much to learn about parenting and it can get overwhelming if it's not presented in an organized way." --Non-Punitive Discipline Class Participant

"Heather is enthusiastic about the subject matter, totally engaged and engaging. She also has real life, right now experience." --Brittany

"I appreciated [Heather's] willingness to take real questions from class, allowing class participation, and asking how it went with applying some of the learning from last week."

"[Heather had] great enthusiasm for her subject, and practical solutions to actual issues a parent will encounter." --Daniel

"I am excited to try out the various techniques discussed in this class, and I am hopeful that it resonates with my children in a positive way."

[Heather] is a great listener to all kinds of people--she is kind."

"Rather than dictating commands regarding behavior, [now] I am using active listening and inviting democratic solutions to problems. I am also accepting emotional outbursts as a positive whereas I did not before." --Susanna

"Loved the class--very useful even for a mother of three teens, two of them in college. I liked the opportunity to role-play in class, as it helped in real life situations. For example, recently my daughter was complaining about her sister, saying, 'Mom, Maggie said she wants the car tomorrow and she doesn’t even need it.' I simply restated what she said [using the active listening skill taught in class] then smiled at her. I felt silly and she left perplexed. Then the next night my husband and two daughters were sitting down to discuss who would use the car. My youngest said, 'Wait a minute, I am going to go get Mom.' She came upstairs and woke me up so I could discuss it with them. She remembered that I understood her point of view. The end result was I didn’t have a car the next morning but it was worth it to know she felt I was on her side." --Dale, mother of three teens, regarding the "How to Raise Drug-Free Kids" class

"I learned a style of parenting which has been very natural to me and which I believe is very empowering and affirming for everyone involved. The information I was able to absorb while pregnant and the support I received after has been invaluable in parenting my baby." --Amelia, 24-year-old mother of one

"It has given me more ideas on how to help my children and deal with the problems that we have."--Rosario, 29-year-old mother of three

“I want to express my gratitude to Heather and all that she does for the mothers in the Casa Serena program. I have observed women change from physical punishment discipline styles to pausing and using their new tools. I have watched healing occur while in early recovery. Heather has played a big part in this.” --Denise, Casa Serena Resident Advisor

"I'm more aware and knowledgeable in areas that I have been struggling with as a parent in recovery, and as a mother becoming a better parent. I have a better understanding of my sons and new solutions to conflicts past and to arise." --Andrea, 21-year-old mother of two

"I really appreciate you talking to our group last Thursday. I feel that everyone took something to think about home with them, I know that I did. And I shared with my husband what I absorbed from your talk. Thank you again and many blessings in life."

-–Roberta, Mamatoto participant (attachment parenting mothers group)