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Heather Stevenson, M.A.

Heather Stevenson, M.A.

Child & Adolescent Development Specialist

Certified Aware Parenting Instructor

Welcome to my website! Below is some information about me--both personal and professional. Please feel free to email me with questions. I love to connect with other parents!

I hold a Master’s degree in child and adolescent development and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, both from U.C. Santa Barbara. I am a certified Aware Parenting Instructor. In addition to my private practice with parents, I also work as a parent education instructor with Santa Barbara City College's Center for Lifelong Learning. For several years I worked as the parent educator a residential recovery program for women in Santa Barbara, California. 

Before starting my work with parents, I worked in the non-profit community doing fundraising and grantwriting. I still do grantwriting for several non-profits, including Transition House, Pacific Pride Foundation, and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, three organizations that are close to my heart.

On a musical note, I am a singer-songwriter, and in 2000 I put out a CD of my original songs called Golden, available at

My Journey as a Mother

A number of years ago, my partner and I decided to start the process of becoming parents. After becoming pregnant, we set out on the daunting task of finding a parenting philosophy that worked for us. Luckily, a good friend pointed me in the direction of Aletha Solter, Alfie Kohn, and Thomas Gordon—all proponents of democratic methods of raising children. My eyes were opened, and I began learning more about these philosophies and applying them in raising my son. It has become my passion to help other parents learn how to develop close, healthy relationships with their children using these techniques. I have a deeply held belief that one of the most effective ways to create positive changes in society is to change the way parents raise children. By deepening family connections, I know that we can raise a generation of truly compassionate children who are loving, emotionally aware, and ready to change the world for the better!